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A New Effort

I suppose I should be finishing one project before starting another, but I can’t help myself. I’m going to take on the project of integrating my Linux systems with Microsoft Active Directory, so that a single Active Directory account can be used to authenticate to both Windows-based systems as well as Linux-based systems on our network.

This new effort comes while I have yet to finish my projects on Squid log analysis tools or an internal news server running INN. At least I did get Perdition working as expected, and figured out how to get to use STARTTLS with IMAP4.

A couple of the resources I’m using for this effort are bookmarked in my bookmark list. I’ll be adding more there as I find them.

I also have yet to decide if I will use Samba/Winbind or LDAP to handle the cross-platform authentication. I’d love to hear any comments or feedback in this regard.

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