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Miscellaneous Projects

In my copious spare time (fellow parents out there know this is a joke), I’m working on a couple of miscellaneous technical projects:

  • Internal news server: I’m having so many problems with NNTP-based access from Unison to Exchange Server 2003 that I’ve decided to setup an internal NNTP server using Linux and INNd. Linux I’m familiar with; INNd is completely new to me. Wish me luck.

  • IMAP proxy: This would use Perdition to proxy IMAP4S requests to my mail server. I’ll probably have Perdition handle IMAP4S and then pass IMAP to the back-end server, offloading the SSL work to the proxy.

  • Squid log analysis: I’m looking for a way to parse down the logs from my Squid web cache. Once I find a way to do this, then I can really begin offering Squid and SquidGuard as a content filtering solution to some of my customers.

I’m sure this stuff is probably old hat to some of you out there. Feel free to contribute some helpful information or URLs. I’ll keep you posted on how things proceed with these and other projects as they develop.

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