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Open Source Office Alternative

Those individuals searching for an open source alternative to Microsoft Office (Windows isn’t the only Microsoft monopoly, you know) on Mac OS X should take note of NeoOffice/J 1.1, released a few weeks ago. This article on MacNN alerted me to the release a while ago, but I’ve only just now gotten around to mentioning it here.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I try not to be partial in any way with regards to technology solutions. If NeoOffice/J fits your needs, perfect. If not, use Microsoft Office. It’s just nice to see that we actually have some choices, however limited they may be, when it comes to choosing office productivity software.

I’m also hoping that the approval of the XML-based OpenOffice 2.0 file formats by OASIS (see this article) will help further spur more interoperability between office productivity applications. Now, if we could just get Microsoft on board with this vendor-neutral format…

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