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Perdition Working Now

I finally managed to get Perdition working. Still unable to confirm if Mac OS X’s supports STARTTLS (my experience thus far says No), I had to resort to using Stunnel to wrap IMAP inside an SSL tunnel, then forward the IMAP traffic to Perdition on the same host. The Perdition proxy then passes the traffic to the back-end mail server. It’s not the solution that I really wanted, but it will do for now. At least the Exchange Server 2003 IMAP server isn’t exposed directly to external networks.

On a slightly related note, the Slipstick Systems web site has a link to an IMAP proxy server that implements STARTTLS as a workaround for Exchange’s lack of native support for STARTTLS. The IMAP proxy can be found at So, if you have an IMAP4 client that supports STARTTLS and want to connect it to Exchange, you can use this IMAP proxy. At least, until Microsoft puts STARTTLS support into Exchange directly.

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