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Linux Better Than Windows?

A short while back NewsForge published an article comparing Windows to Linux. What’s so unusual about that, you may ask? This article, titled “Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability,” takes a look at Windows as if it, not Linux, were the upstart newcomer in the OS lineup. This is a viewpoint not often considered, and it is a valid viewpoint once you get over the presumption that Windows should be the default OS on your computer.

There are a couple of valid points made in the article. To quote:

“Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, with Service Pack 2, is a tremendous improvement over previous Windows versions when it comes to stability and appearance, but it still has many glitches that keep it from being competitive with GNU/Linux for everyday users, including a tedious installation procedure, lack of productivity software included with the operating system, hardware compatibility problems, and a price so much higher than any of the Linux distributions…”

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not advocating that everyone out there should suddenly ditch Windows and migrate to Linux. Are there situations where Linux is a better fit than Windows? Of course. Likewise, there are situations where Windows is a better fit than Linux. And, of course, there’s always Mac OS X to consider as well.

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