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YAMB (Yet Another Mac Browser)

Although the title may indicate otherwise, I’m actually glad to see more browsers popping up for Mac OS X. Choice is good.

The new kid on the block this time is Shiira, a WebKit-based browser that offers some pretty useful features. These features include Tab Expose, which is Expose for browser tabs (activated via F8); Growl integration; integration with Safari Bookmarks; and a clean, native Aqua interface. Because it uses Apple’s WebKit (now open sourced and available here), it renders pages the same way as Safari.

I like some features about Shiira (especially the Growl integration and the tabbed browsing implementation), but still find myself going back to Camino. A new alpha version of Camino 0.9 has been released, although I haven’t brought myself to use it yet. If Camino had a way to provide notifications via Growl (I’d really like for my browser to notify me when a download is complete), I would be just absolutely thrilled.

Oh, and Shiira is an open source project, released under a BSD style license.

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