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Preferred Mac OS X Applications

I suppose I should go ahead and post the obligatory list of preferred Mac OS X applications. So, without further ado, here goes.

  • SFTP Client: I used to use Fugu, but switched not too long ago to Cyberduck. I like Cyberduck’s Synchronize feature (to keep local and remote directories synchronized) and the built-in Growl support. I still keep Fugu around, but don’t use it nearly as much as I did.

  • Web Browser: I primarily use Camino, although I will use Safari from time to time. I know that Firefox is available in a Mac OS X version, but I just prefer Camino.

  • Usenet Client: I tried a couple of open source applications, but finally settled on Unison. My only complaint with Unison is that I can’t post a message to a newsgroup and send a copy of the message to someone’s e-mail address at the same time.

  • RSS Reader: Again, I tried a couple different applications (like NetNewsWire Lite) but was most satisfied with PulpFiction. The interface and built-in Growl support fit my work habits well.

  • Instant Messaging: The open source Adium client won my heart, although Fire was a very close second.

  • Organization: OmniOutliner is a great application, very versatile and very flexible. I’ve found numerous uses for it so far, and expect that I’ll continue to find more and more ways to use this application.

  • Miscellaneous Applications: These applications defy any sort of categorization. The Growl notification system, the ecto blogging client, Desktop Manager virtual desktop application, and the Cocoalicious client all have a home on my PowerBook.

Of course, I can’t live without Microsoft Office, iCal, iSync, OmniGraffle, and others. This list should at least get things started.

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