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Some Cool Networking Stuff

I setup some cool networking stuff today with some HP ProCurve switches. A customer of mine was converting from a T-1 based WAN to an Ethernet MAN. The carrier brought in a separate Ethernet drop for each location, and I configured a separate port-based VLAN for each drop and then set up routing between them. All in all, it took about an hour to convert all the locations from the old WAN to the new MAN, and 50 minutes of that was spent driving from location to location (everything is in the same city).

I know it’s nothing unusual (I’m sure there are those of you out there that do this stuff everyday), but I was particularly pleased at how smoothly we managed to make the conversion for all 12 locations. Plus, I’d done this before many times with Cisco equipment, but this was only the second time using HP equipment.

I’ll probably do a write-up of this on my company web site. If you are interested in more details, look there soon.

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