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The Move to Colorado: Day 2

I’ve just wrapped up Day 2 of my road trip to Colorado. I started the day in Nashville, TN and ended the day in Kansas City, KS (actually Overland Park). If I had two words to describe today, those words would be windy and corn.

Why those two words? Well, if you’ve ever driven across Missouri, you’ll understand why I chose “corn” because you’ve already seen the fields upon fields of corn, as far as the eye can see. And why “windy”? Well, simply put: it was very windy today. Yesterday we had to deal with some pretty heavy rainfall getting to Nashville; today, we had to deal with lots of wind as we made our way out of Tennessee into Kentucky and across Illinois and Missouri. Fortunately, the wind died down as we approached Kansas City, and driving became a lot easier.

Those of us who live in the US have a pretty good idea of how far the distance is between Raleigh, NC, and Denver, CO, but for readers outside the US I thought a few comparisons might be handy. The driving distance between the two cities is about 1,677 miles, or approximately 2,700 kilometers. That distance is:

  • roughly comparable to driving from London to Edinburgh and back again—twice

  • about the same as the driving distance between Gibraltar on the southern edge of Europe and Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the northern side of Europe

  • greater than the driving distance from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia to Melbourne, on the southern coast of the continent

  • about the same as the driving distance from Cape Town, South Africa to Johannesburg and back again

Hopefully this gives the readers an idea of the distance we have to cover. All in all, it’s quite a road trip (and quite a move). Granted, not as significant a move as some international relocations of which I’ve heard, but significant nevertheless.

Tomorrow, we’ll leave Kansas City bound for Denver, shooting to make the entire distance in a single day. If all goes well, we will arrive in Denver tomorrow evening around dinner time or shortly thereafter. From there, we’ll have a couple of days to prepare, then we move into the new house on Friday.

I’ll have more updates tomorrow!

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