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The Move to Colorado: Day 1

The move to Colorado has begun. I’m typing this from a hotel in Nashville, TN, where we wrapped up our day 1 travel just a short while ago. We’ll be here only one night, leaving in the morning to get to Kansas City for our second night.

The last few days have been a whirlwind. Crystal and I got home from VMworld 2011 on Friday night; Saturday we jumped in with both feet on getting our Chevy Suburban (nicknamed “Big Red” because it’s a big red Suburban; I’ll post a picture at some point) packed and ready for the trip to Colorado. Today (Sunday) we made our last visit as regular members to our home church in North Carolina so we could tell everyone bye. Saying good-bye was harder than I had anticipated. There were so many people that we’d grown close to over the years, and we’re really going to miss them. Of course, we know we’ll make new friends in Colorado, but that doesn’t change the fact we’ll still miss the old friends.

After attending church and saying our good-byes, we headed back to the house in Knightdale, did the final packing, and then finally hit the road around 4 PM Eastern or so. Our goal was Nashville, and we while we did make our goal (about 1 AM Central) it would have been easier if it hadn’t started raining before we even got to Knoxville. The rain slowed us down a fair amount, and I’m hoping that we’ll leave the rain behind tomorrow as we turn north toward St. Louis and then west toward Kansas City. Tomorrow night we’ll stay over in Kansas City (I need to take Crystal to eat some KC barbecue); if any KC-based friends are home and want to get together, let me know.

And that’s it for Day 1—another summary tomorrow after the end of Day 2.

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