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Finally Home from VMworld 2007

After hitting VMworld 2007 in San Francisco hot and heavy (and trying to liveblog as many sessions as possible, as well as the keynotes), my wife and I took yesterday to do some additional sightseeing beyond what we’d done on Sunday prior.

Armed with one day MUNI pass for each of us, it was on the buses and the cable cars all over San Francisco, hitting the major highlights along the way:

  • the Bay Bridge;
  • the Port of San Francisco building and the Ferry building tower;
  • Pier 39;
  • the Golden Gate Bridge;
  • Golden Gate Park (specifically, the Conservatory of Flowers); and
  • riding a cable car downtown.

We wrapped up the evening with a large pizza from Blondie’s Pizza, and then returned to the hotel (the San Francisco Marriott on 4th Street) to pack and get ready for the return trip home.

Today, we traveled home, stopping off in Chicago along the way. And, for the first time in many, many trips…our return trip was not delayed, canceled, or otherwise troubled in any way! Someone was praying for a safe trip back for us, and I’d like to thank whoever that was.

It was a great trip, and I have tons of photos from yesterday (I may upload them somewhere; I haven’t decided yet), but in the end I’m glad to be home. Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip a great one!

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