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Back From Sweden

We (my wife and I) got back from Sweden on Wednesday, after a thoroughly unpleasant flight experience. After 8 hours of flight in the middle seat, delays in the flight back from Stockholm caused us to miss our flight in Newark, NJ, introducing yet another delay in our return home. Finally, around 6:00 PM EDT, we arrived at the Raleigh-Durham airport, only 3 hours behind our original arrival time. Keep in mind, though, the 6 hour time difference between Raleigh and Sweden; to our bodies, it’s now 12:00 AM midnight the next day and we’ve been traveling for a grand total of 18 hours (we left Stockholm around 6:00 AM in the morning). Let’s just say that it wasn’t the most pleasant flight experience we’ve ever had.

Aside from the flight home, the trip was enjoyable overall. It was good to see my old friend, who had invited us in the first place for his wedding. The weather was absolutely fantastic; you couldn’t ask for better weather.

There are two things that really stick with me from the trip.

First, we as Americans are spoiled, and should really learn to appreciate how God has blessed our country. Even with elevated gas prices resulting from Hurricane Katrina, we’re still not anywhere close to the $6-7/gallon that gasoline costs in Europe (adjusting, of course, for differences in currency and their use of the metric system).

Second, people are just people. I can’t tell you how many times we were walking in Stockholm or shopping in the grocery store and found it almost easy to forget that we were half a world away, in a foreign land, speaking a foreign language. Why? Because people there are no different than people here, with their own set of dreams, goals, fears, concerns, etc., just like anyone else. They just happen to speak a very different language and live in a very different land. Think about that next time you start believing that you are the only one that’s having a particular problem or issue, and remember that people all around the globe live their life day-by-day just like you do.

I’ll post more information about our trip to Sweden in future entries, perhaps including some of the photos of downtown Stockholm.

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