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Time for a Fresh Start

I’ll bet that when you saw the title for this post, your first thought was that I was leaving EMC and starting a new job with a new employer. C’mon, admit it! No, I’m staying at EMC; this post is about getting a fresh start in a new location. That’s right; I’m relocating to the Denver, CO area. In fact, I signed lease papers on a house in the Castle Pines North area, just south of Denver, yesterday afternoon.

I’m pretty excited about this move. I’ve lived in the Raleigh-Durham area for a really long time, and it’s been a great location for a technology guy like me. Even so, I’m looking forward to settling into the Denver area. Crystal and I want to make some lifestyle changes—get into shape and spend more time being active—and I’m confident that the new neighborhood and new area will encourage those lifestyle changes. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me inquiring about mountain bikes; mountain biking is a sport I intend to take up after the move to Denver. My two youngest sons (the only two kids still at home with Crystal and me) are also looking forward to learning to snow ski and snowboard, something I also plan to join them in. All in all, everyone in the family is really looking forward to the move. Certainly, there are close friends that we will miss, but we’re anticipating new friends and new experiences in a new region.

The move won’t affect my job; I’ll still continue in my role as field CTO for the vSpecialist team. My function isn’t tied to any particular geographical region (my role is global, actually), so as long as I live within a reasonable distance of an airport I’m fine. I have to say that I really appreciate the vSpecialist team and team management; they’ve been awesome and completely supportive of the move.

Given my current work schedule and other responsibilities, the move isn’t actually going to take place until early September, after we wrap up VMworld US in Las Vegas. So, between now and then, it’s all about uncluttering and packing for the move! If any readers are Denver residents, I’d love to hear any “tips and tricks” you’d care to share. Thanks!

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