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Technology Short Take 98

Welcome to Technology Short Take #98! Now that I’m starting to get settled into my new role at Heptio, I’ve managed to find some time to pull together another collection of links and articles pertaining to various data center technologies. Feedback is always welcome!


  • VMware has released a PowerCLI preview/fling for NSX-T; Kyle Ruddy has a write-up here. Looks like this preview provides some high-level cmdlets for NSX-T that weren’t available before.
  • Cilium, the open source project working to bring eBPF-powered networking and security to Kubernetes environments, has hit the 1.0 release. I will freely admit that I am a fan of what the Cilium folks are doing.
  • What’s that? Don’t know what eBPF is? Or XDP? Not to worry, the nice folks over at Netronome have a post that explains it all.
  • People do all kinds of interesting things with Raspberry Pis; here’s an article by Scott Helme on using a Pi to secure DNS traffic.


  • This is more of a follow-up to one of my own articles than a pointer to someone else’s article. After continued use (including on business trips) of my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Fedora 27, I continue to be impressed by the battery life and overall performance and quality of the laptop. Well done, Lenovo!


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  • The Kubernetes blog has some more details on the Container Storage Interface (CSI) in Kubernetes 1.10, which has moved from alpha to beta as part of the 1.10 release.


  • VMware recently GA’d vSphere 6.7, and—as would be expected—there’s lots of blogger coverage. I can’t possibly mention all of it here, but here are a few that jumped out at me: Andrea Mauro’s overview; this look by Ward Vissers; Magnus Andersson’s quick review; Simon Sharwood’s thoughts over at El Reg; and David Stamen’s post. For more vSphere 6.7 information, Eric Siebert has you covered with his vSphere 6.7 link-o-rama.

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OK then, let’s call that a wrap! I hope that something I shared was useful, or at least caused you to think about something in a new way. Until next time, enjoy!

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