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List of Kubernetes Folks on Twitter

Earlier this morning, I asked on Twitter about good individuals to follow on Twitter for Kubernetes information. I received quite a few good responses (thank you!), and I though it might be useful to share the list of the folks that were recommended across all those responses.

The list I’ve compiled is clearly incomplete! If you think someone should be added to this list, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and let me know. Alternately, feel free to submit a pull request (PR) that adds them to this list. I’m not going to “vet” the list, so I’ll add any and all recommendations (unless they are clearly not related to Kubernetes, such as a news anchorman someone recommended to me—not sure about that one!).

Without further ado, here is the list I compiled from the responses to my tweet, in no particular order (I’ve included full name and employer, where that information is available):

  • Kelsey Hightower (Google) - @kelseyhightower
  • Jessie Frazelle (Microsoft) - @jessfraz
  • Alex Ellis (VMware) - @alexellisuk
  • Michael Hausenblas (Red Hat) - @mhausenblas
  • Ahmet Alp Balkan (Google) - @ahmetb
  • AdNaN Abdulhussein (Bitnami) - @prydonius
  • Tim Hockin (Google) - @thockin
  • Joe Beda (Heptio) - @jbeda
  • Joseph Jacks (Unknown) - @asynchio
  • Stefan Schimanski (Red Hat) - @the_sttts
  • Brandon Philips (CoreOS/Red Hat) - @brandonphilips
  • Ray Tsang (Google) - @saturnism
  • Ilya Dmitrichenko (Weaveworks) - @errordeveloper
  • Brendan Burns (Microsoft) - @brendandburns
  • Kris Nova (Heptio) - @krisnova
  • Paris Pittman (Google) - @parisinbmore
  • Amy Chen (Heptio) - @theamycode
  • Ria Bhatia (Microsoft) - @rbitia
  • Celina (Uber) - @shaleenaa
  • Chen Goldberg (Google) - @goldbergchen
  • Aparna Sinha (Google) - @apbhatnagar
  • Michelle Noorali (Microsoft) - @michellenoorali
  • Liz Rice (AquaSec) - @lizrice
  • Laura Frank (Codeship) - @rhein_wein
  • Ara Pulido (Bitnami) - @arapulido
  • Rita Zhang (Microsoft) - @ritazzhang
  • Angie Maguire (Unknown) - @lalamaguire
  • Nikhita Raghunath (Red Hat) - @thenikhita
  • Rob Hirschfeld (RackN) - @zehicle
  • Brian Gracely (Red Hat) - @bgracely
  • Steve Watt (Red Hat) - @wattsteve
  • Diane Mueller (Red Hat) - @pythondj
  • Clayton Coleman (Red Hat) - @smarterclayton
  • Craig McLuckie (Heptio) - @cmcluck
  • Benjamin Hindman (Mesosphere) - @benh
  • Armon Dadgar (HashiCorp) - @armon
  • Stu Miniman (Wikibon) - @stu
  • Adrian Cockcroft (AWS) - @adrianco
  • Edaena Salinas (Microsoft) - @edaenas
  • Matt Klein (Lyft) - @mattklein123
  • Ben Sigelman (LightStep) - @el_bhs
  • Dan Kohn (CNCF) - @dankohn1
  • Nigel Poulton (Pluralsight) - @nigelpoulton
  • Justin Garrison (Disney) - @rothgar
  • Mark Mandel (Google) - @neurotic
  • Michael Gasch (VMware) - @embano1
  • Sebastien Goasguen (Bitnami) - @sebgoa
  • Victor Farcic (CloudBees) - @vfarcic
  • Ben Hall (Katacoda) - @ben_hall
  • Ralph Squillace (Microsoft) - @ralph_squillace
  • Jaice Singer DuMars (Google?) - @jaydumars
  • Jorge Castro (Heptio) - @castrojo
  • Niraj Tolia (Kasten) - @nirajtolia
  • Brian Grant (Google) - @bgrant0607
  • Aaron Crickenberger (Samsung) - @spiffxp
  • Ihor Dvoretskyi (Linux Foundation/CNCF) - @idvoretskyi

Some folks were explicitly called out as “influencers,” but I did not include that designation in the list above. It seems like a slippery slope to determine who is an influencer and who is not, so I’d rather just avoid any potential issues.

Here’s hoping others find this list useful!

UPDATE: William Lam, a former coworker of mine at VMware, has taken the time to create a Twitter list to make it easier for folks. That Twitter list is available here.

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