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Technology Short Take 97

Welcome to Technology Short Take 97! This Tech Short Take marks the end of an era (sort of); it’s the last Tech Short Take published while I’m a VMware employee (today is my last day; see here for more details). But enough about me—let’s talk some tech! This Short Take may be a bit longer than some, so buckle up.



  • Thomas Maurer has a “first impressions” post on the Microsoft Surface Book 2. (I must admit I’ve been considering adding a Microsoft device to my collection.)


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

  • William Lam has a series of posts on VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS), which at the time of this writing was up to 4 posts in the series. William provides an overview in part 1, discusses client tools in part 2, reviews NSX-T integration in part 3, and actually kicks off the PKS installation with Ops Manager and BOSH in part 4.
  • Gerald Venzi shows how to use Vagrant and VirtualBox to deploy a local Kubernetes cluster, using some Kubernetes support recently added to an Oracle GitHub repository of Vagrant boxes.
  • Thorsten Hans walks through upgrading a Kubernetes cluster on AKS using the Azure CLI. I myself have done this a couple of times—it’s really straightforward.
  • Trying to decide between GKE, AKS, and EKS? Tirumarai Selvan has a comparison.
  • Richard Li discusses strategies for ingress in Kubernetes and the tradeoffs associated with each approach.

Operating Systems/Applications

  • Eben Freeman shows how to integrate Istio, Envoy, and Honeycomb for detailed application statistics.
  • Antonio Murdaca outlines how to use kubeadm to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster with CRI-O (instead of Docker). I haven’t tried this myself yet—I’m waiting for CRI-O to get a bit more mature so that I don’t have to compile it from source (although this is an older article, so we might be there by now).
  • If I ever get my hands on a Windows 10 box (I’m seriously considering adding a Windows 10 box to my home office setup), I’m going to try this process. Hmmm…maybe I could install Windows 10 on my quad-proc Mac Pro, then run macOS virtualized on it…that might be something to try one day (as if I’ll ever have time for that!).
  • Ansible 2.5 was recently released; check out this post detailing some of the new features and functionality.
  • Dusty Mabe talks about using BTRFS snapshots to snapshot and rollback entire installations of Fedora, and (rightfully) mentions Atomic Workstation as a (probably) better alternative. Still, the idea is pretty cool.
  • Flatcar Linux is a “friendly fork” of Container Linux (of CoreOS).
  • Windows Server 2019 is now in preview (see this blog post), and will include Kubernetes support. Also see this VentureBeat article.
  • Nick Joyce walks through a few tips to build more minimal Docker containers for Python applications.
  • JJ Asghar provides some direct steps to getting PowerCLI 10+ working on Ubuntu Linux.


No links for you this time, but I’ll stay alert for something to include next time. If you have links you’d like to see included in the next Technology Short Take, send them my way!


Nothing this time around—it seems like all the “cool kids” are talking about cloud, containers, and Kubernetes these days! Don’t worry, though, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some content to include here next time around.

Career/Soft Skills

  • Finding yourself procrastinating more than usual recently? There can be a lot of different reasons; this post by Leo Babauta explores some reasons and some antidotes for procrastination.
  • Guess I should’ve read this post by Greg Ferro on why you will never make serious money working for a startup before I took a job at a startup. (Oops! That’s a hint toward Monday’s announcement!)

It’s time to wrap up. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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