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Infrastructure Coders Denver and OpenStack Denver Meetups

It’s been quite a while since I first posted about Infrastructure Coders Denver, and—much to my dismay—I haven’t made the time to really push this forward as much as I wanted. So, in order to help move this forward a little bit, I’ve established a meetup group where interested parties can join the meetup and we can share information about when and where we’ll be meeting. I’ll also be disseminating information via the Infracoders Denver twitter account, so feel free to follow that account (don’t worry, it’s really low-volume and won’t clutter up your timeline).

At the same time, there’s also been a pretty fair amount of interest around an OpenStack meetup for the Denver area as well, so I went ahead and established a meetup group for that also. Note that although the location of the meetup groups is listed as Castle Rock, that’s only because that’s where I live. We’ll likely meet somewhere in the south Denver metro area—we’re still looking for companies that are interested in/willing to host one or both of these meetup groups.

Finally, I’m really glad to have a “partner in crime” with these ventures. Shannon McFarland has agreed to join in and help out. If there are any other volunteers out there that also want to pitch in and help make these meetup groups a success, please feel free to let me know. You can e-mail me (my address is on my About page), hit me up via Twitter, or just add a comment to this article.

Stay tuned to here and to the meetup groups for more details on meeting schedules, speakers, and agendas. There’s more coming!

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