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A Call for Open vSwitch Topics

I’ve been writing quite a bit about Open vSwitch (OVS), a technology project I think is fairly central to a number of very interesting initiatives. What I wanted to do with this post was pose a question to my readers: what other OVS-related topics would you like me to explore?

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve written about OVS so far:

Installing KVM and Open vSwitch on Ubuntu

Some Insight into Open vSwitch Configuration

Link Aggregation and LACP with Open vSwitch

VLANs with Open vSwitch Fake Bridges

Wrapping libvirt Virtual Networks Around Open vSwitch Fake Bridges

Running Host Management on Open vSwitch

Layer 3 Routing with Open vSwitch

Using VLANs with OVS and libvirt

There is still so much to cover, though. For example, here are some of the topics I’m still exploring (and planning to write about):

  • Trunking VLANS to guest domains (this one is almost fully written)

  • Using sFlow with OVS

  • Using OpenFlow with OVS (probably using Floodlight)

  • Controlling multiple OVS instances with a single OVS controller

  • Network tunneling with OVS and GRE

My question to you, the readers, is this: what other topics should I be exploring that aren’t listed? Are there topics in the list of planned posts that are of greater interest/value, and therefore should be prioritized? (OK, so that’s two questions, but you get the idea.) Let me know your feedback by speaking up in the comments below.

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