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Seeking Feedback on Infrastructure Coders Denver

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this to Twitter:

I need to find (or maybe start?) something like @infracoders here in the Denver area.

The @Infracoders (or Infrastructure Coders) Twitter account is for an “infrastructure as code” meetup group in the Melbourne, Australia, area (here’s their website). Shortly after that post, Matthew Jones—one of the co-founders of the original Melbourne-based Infracoders meetup group—contacted me. We exchanged a few e-mails, and the end result of our conversation is that we will be starting up a Denver-based version of Infrastructure Coders!

I’m pretty jazzed about this; if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve been spending a fair amount of time working with open source Puppet so “infrastructure as code” is a topic in which I’m quite interested. I think it would be great to have the opportunity to talk to others who are also interested in the same topic, exchange tips and tricks, and share information. I really appreciate both Matthew and David Lutz (the other co-founder of the original Melbourne-based Infrastructure Coders) offering their support and the use of the “Infrastructure Coders” brand. Our local group will be known as Infrastructure Coders Denver, and I’ve already established a Twitter account (@InfracodersDnvr) that you can follow to keep up with information about the local meetup group.

The local Infrastructure Coders Denver meetup group will follow the same general guidelines that Matthew and David established for their group:

  1. This will be an informal meetup (more on that below).

  2. This is a technology-agnostic meetup. Users of any and all “infrastructure as code” products are welcome to attend—Puppet, Chef, Cfengine, whatever.

  3. Infrastructure Coders Denver is happy to accept sponsors as long as there is no editorial impact on the meetup, its content, or its outcomes.

What hasn’t been established, at this point, is how frequently the group will meet, or where the group will meet. My purpose in posting this is to actually begin to solicit that information. If you are in the Denver area and are interested in an infrastructure-as-code meetup, please respond in the comments below with any suggestions on how frequently we should meet and where we should meet. Your feedback matters!

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