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For Me, VMworld Begins Today

While the majority of the attendees for VMworld 2008 won’t be getting started until Tuesday morning, when the conference itself gets started, for me VMworld 2008 starts today. I’ll be heading out shortly for an all-day meeting of the VMware Partner Technical Advisory Board, a meeting of selected VMware partners in which we provide feedback to VMware on products, technology, marketing, etc. I’m looking forward to it.

As an employee of a VMware partner, normally I’d attend Partner Day tomorrow. Because of the press pass that I’m using to attend VMworld this year, Partner Day is a no go. Instead, I’ll be doing my labs in the morning and attending a slew of vendor meetings in the afternoon. Oh, and that’s after trying to cover all the various virtualization-related product announcements that are slated to hit the wire tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a busy day.

After Monday, then the conference itself begins, and then it gets really fun! Between vendor meetings, session breakouts, meetings in the Solutions Exchange (or whatever they’re calling the vendor show floor this year), videocasts for TechTarget, and who knows what else, I’ll be on the go from morning ‘til night. A few days ago I saw a posting from Brian Madden about how overwhelming VMworld was. Brian, I know how you feel! It would be nice if there were two or three of me…

Anyway, I’ll be doing my best to provide as much coverage as possible. We don’t yet know how extensive the wireless coverage will be in the session breakouts, so those may not be actual liveblogs, but “slightly delayed blogs” if I have to wait until after the session to publish the entry. VMware is providing dedicated tables with power and Ethernet for the general sessions, so expect to see good coverage of that, with entries being updated every 10 minutes or so. And, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll posting tweets when possible as well.

Here’s to VMworld 2008!

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