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VMworld 2008 Last Minute Spouse Activities Update

Crystal and I arrived in Las Vegas earlier today in preparation for the launch of VMworld 2008 next week. In addition, I’m participating on the VMworld Partner Technical Advisory Board, which has a meeting on Sunday; that was one of the reasons we came in so early.

The other reason was to get a feel for the logistics surrounding the spouse activities that Crystal’s been working on (refer to the earlier VMworld 2008 Spouse Activities Schedule for more information on the activities and when they are planned). Most of you who expressed interest are communicating directly with Crystal and already know some of this information, but I wanted to post it here anyway. Better safe than sorry, I think.

So, here are some changes/updates to the spouse activities:

  • The length of the Hoover Dam tour, scheduled for Wednesday, means that it can’t be done on the same day as the Grand Canyon tour. So, the Hoover Dam tour has been moved to Thursday. The total length of the Hoover Dam tour, including travel, is about 4 hours. People should be back in plenty of time in case their flight is leaving Thursday evening.

  • In order to go on the Hoover Dam tour, you’ll need to buy your PowerPass and then call to make your own reservation. It turns out that Crystal simply can’t make your reservation for you because she’d need your PowerPass number. So, buy your PowerPass and call (702) 655-6060 to make your reservation. To be sure that everyone rides on the same tour bus, tell them to pick you up at The Venetian. By meeting at The Venetian to get on the bus, everyone will ride together on the same tour bus to the Hoover Dam.

  • There will very likely be a change in the “Get Together” breakfast on Tuesday, so stay tuned for more information. It turns out that the San Gennaro Grill is in a sort of “food court” area, and there isn’t really anywhere for people to meet. Crystal is searching for alternatives right now.

  • Crystal needs confirmation of drivers for Wednesday’s trip out to the Grand Canyon. So far, there are 8 people confirmed for the trip and have 1 confirmed driver (thank you, Lynne!). She very much needs another driver. Please confirm with her via e-mail (if you don’t have her e-mail, contact me and I’ll coordinate an introduction). If you haven’t yet confirmed with Crystal that you want to go on the Grand Canyon tour, additional transportation will have to be arranged and coordinated. (In other words, you’ll most likely need to arrange your own transportation.)

To help get the word out about these updates, I’ll post a tweet to Twitter about this, and Crystal is planning on sending out an e-mail to her list as well.

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