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Spouse Activities Confirmation

If you haven’t yet communicated with my wife about participating in the VMworld spouse activities that she’s been planning, we need your confirmation right away! Only eight people have confirmed definitively that they will be participating, although many more have expressed interest in the comments on earlier posts. Crystal is in the final stages of making sure that she’s got a handle on how many people are going to participate, so please let us know right away if you will be joining in any of the activities. She particularly needs to know who will be joining in for the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon trip on Wednesday, since travel arrangements need to be made.

Everyone who has commented on any of the earlier posts about spouse activities—as long as you left a valid e-mail address with the comment—has been sent a couple of different e-mails from Crystal. Just reply to one of those to let her know.

(If you’ve been communicating directly with Crystal, then you’re good. Don’t worry.)

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