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First Windows Vista viruses unleashed

Among many other online appearances, the article First Windows Vista viruses unleashed from ComputerWorld describes the first family of viruses (virii?) that appear to be targeted specifically at the new Windows Vista operating system.

I would be ridiculously easy to make a joke here, but let me take a different tack. First, this is beta (some would say pre-beta) code, so of course there are going to be “security holes” (I use this term loosely) that have not yet been closed. Microsoft, take this as a signal that you need to continue to focus on security and making sure that any new functionality you are add to Windows Vista gets properly secured.

Second, the target of this virus is not Windows Vista per se, but rather the “Monad” object-oriented scripting environment. According to what I’ve seen, this environment is not slated to be included by default with Windows Vista. Included by default or not, Microsoft, let’s make sure that you don’t turn “Monad” into a virus-writer’s delight. Make it work, make it work well, and make it secure.

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