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Brief Impressions of CentOS 4.1

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I’m trying out the CentOS distribution, a “clone” of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with it. Granted, I was coming from Red Hat Linux 9.0 (RH9), a (now) old distribution using the 2.4 kernel. So, many of the changes I’m seeing with CentOS 4.1 may be more due to the fact that it is running the 2.6.x kernel, has SELinux installed, etc., rather than anything else. It seems to boot more slowly than RH9, but is otherwise reasonably equivalent with regards to performance and memory utilization. I’m already using a mix of RH9 and Fedora Core packages on the existing servers, so there isn’t that much new (with regards to packages) with CentOS 4.1 that I don’t already use.

Barring some unforeseen problem that I have not yet encountered, I will probably migrate the majority of the Linux servers I currently maintain over to CentOS 4.1 over the next few months.

By the way, it doesn’t hurt that Asterisk@Home (the pre-packaged VoIP PBX installation) also runs on CentOS.

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