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Trying a New Linux Distribution

I’m not a Linux expert, so I haven’t really spent a great deal of time wandering the various Linux distributions to see which one(s) I really like. I have been primarily using Red Hat Linux 9.0 (RH9), even though it’s an older distribution with an older kernel that is no longer supported. I tried the Fedora Core distributions, but just kept coming back to trusty old RH9.

Rather than continue to try to shoehorn RPMs built for one of the various Fedora Core versions onto RH9, I’ve decided I’m going to try a new distribution. But before you congratulate me for venturing into the brave new world of Linux distributions, you should wait to hear what I’m going to try next. I’m going to try CentOS, a free redistribution of the source RPMs that comprise RHEL. Basically, it’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but with all references, branding, artwork, etc., for Red Hat removed from the source RPMs and then recompiled. I’m downloading the ISO images for CentOS 4.1 right now from an FTP mirror at North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!). I’ll post my impressions of CentOS 4.1 once I get it installed and running. (That’s assuming I can make it work under VMware.)

In the meantime, I am continuing to explore more uses for OpenBSD, which I find that I really enjoy working with.

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