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Rootkit Prevention Coming to Windows

I blogged a while back about concerns that spyware makers were adding rootkit functionality to their products to make them harder to detect and harder to remove. It seems that trend has gotten the attention of Microsoft. (About time, I say.)

Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool has been enhanced with the ability to find and remove rootkit-like trojans and backdoor applications. In addition, Microsoft has indicated that it will likely incorporate anti-rootkit functionality into future versions of its AntiSpyware product, acquired with Giant Software and still in beta.

Rootkits have been reported on virtually all major operating systems, so we can’t really knock Microsoft for allowing rootkits to infect Windows. We can, however, insist that as long as Microsoft makes it possible for the operating system to be compromised in such a significant way through the use of a web browser, then such stuff as Strider Ghostbuster (Microsoft’s anti-rootkit technology) should continue to be offered to Windows users at no charge.

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