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Posts from the Past, August 2022

I thought I might start highlighting some older posts here on the site through a semi-regular “Posts from the Past” series. I’ll start with posts published in the month of August through the years. Here’s hoping you find something that is useful (or perhaps entertaining, at least)!

August 2021

Last year, I had a couple of posts that I think are still relevant today. First, I talked about using Pulumi with Go to create a VPC Peering relationship on AWS. Second, I showed readers how to have Wireguard interfaces start automatically (using launchd) on macOS.

August 2020

I didn’t write too much in August 2020; my wife and I took a big road trip around the US to visit family and such. However, I did publish a post on some behavior changes in version 0.5.5 of the Cluster API tool clusterawsadm.

August 2019

This was a busy month for the blog! In addition to two Technology Short Takes, I also published posts on converting Kubernetes to an HA control plane, reconstructing the kubeadm join command (in the event you didn’t write down the output of kubeadm init), and one introducing Cluster API.

August 2018

In August 2018 I showed how to use (abuse?) Heptio Ark (now called Velero) to quickly populate new namespaces.

August 2017

How about a quick reference to some common AWS CLI commands?

August 2015

August 2016 was a slow month (or I was busy with VMworld, probably the latter), so looking back at 2015 I find a post on using Docker Machine with Vagrant. I still insist that Docker Machine was a hugely overlooked utility, but that’s water under the bridge now.

August 2014

This month I was exploring this new thing called CoreOS, and had three posts published on the topic (one on CoreOS itself, one on etcd, and one on Fleet and Docker).

August 2013

In August 2013 I mused, “Would it be possible to build your own network virtualization solution?”

August 2011

Skipping back to August 2011, I contemplated (ranted about?) logical-link multiplexing. You know, I kind of enjoyed those “Thinking Out Loud” posts…maybe I should start doing those again.

August 2009

This was the month that my very first book, Mastering VMware vSphere 4, was finally released. Here’s my blog post on the release of the book.

I’m not sure that going back any farther makes much sense; before that it’s all technologies that have long since sailed into oblivion. There is one small post of note: it was in August 2005 that the very first public version of this site went live on Wordpress. Read about it here.

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this little trip back into the archives. Maybe you found something useful you can still put to use! (Probably not, but it’s possible!) In the event you’d like to browse older articles, you can find a complete list of every post ever published in the Site Archives.

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