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Site Category Changes

This weekend I made a couple of small changes to the categories on the site, in an effort to make navigation a bit more intuitive. In the past, readers had expressed some confusion over the “Education” and “Explanation” categories, and—to be frank—their confusion was warranted. I also wasn’t clear on the distinction between those categories, so this post explains the changes I’ve made.

The following category changes are now in effect on the site:

  • First, the “Education” category has been completely removed. I try to make almost everything on this site educational in nature, so why have an “Education” category? This really only affects you if you’d subscribed to that category’s RSS feed. (Did you know that every category and every tag has its own RSS feed?)
  • A lot of the content from the “Education” category has been moved into the “Explanation” category. This is the category that will contain posts where I provide some level of explanation around a concept, technology, product, or project.
  • The “Tutorial” category also picked up some new articles from the now-eliminated “Education” category. The “Tutorial” category contains walkthroughs or step-by-step instructions for doing something. There’s most likely going to be explanation along the way, but the distinction between “Tutorial” and “Explanation” is that the latter won’t contain step-by-step instructions for anything.
  • I added a new “Introduction” category, where I’ll put introductory-type posts about some technology, product, or project. The amount of explanation provided will be less than a typical article in the “Explanation” category, where I’ll tend to go a bit deeper.

I hope that these organizational changes make sense to readers, and make it easier to find the content you’re seeking. If you have feedback—and all constructive feedback is more than welcome!—please feel free to contact me on Twitter or reach out to me on any one of a number of Slack communities. Thanks for reading!

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