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Technology Short Take 138

Welcome to Technology Short Take #138. I have what I hope is an interesting and useful set of links to share with everyone this time around. I didn’t do so well on storage links; apologies to my storage-focused friends! However, there should be something for most everyone else. Enjoy!


  • I’ve been interested in learning more about gRPC, so this guide on analyzing gRPC messages using Wireshark may be useful.
  • Isovalent, the folks behind Cilium, recently unveiled the Network Policy Editor, a graphical way of editing Kubernetes Network Policies.
  • Ivan Pepelnjak, the font of all networking knowledge, has been discussing cloud networking in some detail for a good while now. The latest series of posts (found here and here) are, in my opinion, just outstanding. I want to be like Ivan when I grow up. #BeLikeIvan
  • If you work with TextFSM templates (see here for more information), then you might also like this post on writing a vim syntax plugin for TextFSM templates.
  • Want/need to better understand IPv6? Denise Fishburne has you covered. Denise also has you covered if you need BGP knowledge.


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications


Career/Soft Skills

  • I came across a couple “my home office setup” posts over the last month that I thought I’d share here. First up is this post by Clint Wyckoff; I must say I do like the ambient backlighting and I appreciate that Clint included a comprehensive parts list. Next up is a rather lengthy post by Falko Banaszak, in which he shares a pretty comprehensive view of what he uses in his home office.
  • Nick Korte discusses the importance of intentional practice, something I think is important in all sorts/types of careers. In IT, where change is a constant, it’s particularly important.
  • I found this article on depletion to be meaningful to me on a personal level.

That’s all for this time around! I hope that I’ve managed to include something useful or helpful to my readers. As always, I welcome all constructive feedback and I love hearing from readers, so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. Thank you for reading!

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