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Technology Short Take 131

Welcome to Technology Short Take #131! I’m back with another collection of articles on various data center technologies. This time around the content is a tad heavy on the security side, but I’ve still managed to pull in articles on networking, cloud computing, applications, and some programming-related content. Here’s hoping you find something useful here!


  • This recent Ars Technica article points out that a feature in Chromium—the open source project leveraged by Chrome and Edge, among others—is having a significant impact on root DNS traffic. More technical details can be found in an associated APNIC blog post.
  • Here’s a few details around Open Service Mesh.
  • Quentin Machu outlines a series of problems his company experienced using Weave Net as the CNI for their Kubernetes clusters, as well as describes the migration process to a new CNI. His blog post is well worth a read, IMO.


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications


  • Kyle Galbraith has two articles that I read over the last several weeks, one on the repository pattern and one on the adapter pattern. Since I’m still quite the programming newbie, both were a bit of a stretch of my knowledge, but I think I gleaned enough of the concepts to be able to use them later.


  • Laurens van Dujin brings to light a bug in vCenter 7.0.0c that causes high CPU usage; turns out this bug is related to the new Workload Control Plane features in vSphere 7. You can disable the service to bring the CPU usage down, but there are caveats. Be sure to read Laurens’ post for details.

Career/Soft Skills

OK, that’s all for now. Hopefully you’ve found something useful in this post. If so, I’d love to hear about it—feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. Similarly, if you have suggestions for how I might improve the content of these types of posts, I’m open to all constructive criticism. Thanks for reading!

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