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Technology Short Take 106

Welcome to Technology Short Take #106! It’s been quite a while (over a month) since the last Tech Short Take, as this one kept getting pushed back. Sorry about that, folks! Hopefully I’ve still managed to find useful and helpful links to include below. Enjoy!



  • The Intel Management Engine (ME) has received a bit of attention as a potential security vulnerability; in this article, authors Maxim Goryachy and Mark Ermolov expose some new concerns around the Intel ME and its undocumented Manufacturing Mode.
  • Serve The Home takes a critical look at the Bloomberg Supermicro stories, debunking or at least calling into question many details of the alleged hardware hack as reported by Bloomberg.


Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

Operating Systems/Applications


Nothing this time around, but I’ll stay alert for items I can include in the next Technology Short Take.


Career/Soft Skills

OK, that’s all I have for now. Question for the readers (we’ll see how many of you make it this far)—which is better for you, regular Tech Short Takes that might be shorter or Tech Short Takes about this length (~30-ish links) but less frequently? Hit me on Twitter and let me know. Thanks!

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