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VMworld Announcements, Day 1

A flurry of virtualization-related product announcements flew into my Inbox today, thoroughly disrupting the empty Inbox I’d cultivated before the show. Anyway, I thought readers might be interested in some of the announcements, so here they are:

  • Akorri announced they’ve achieved VMware Ready status with their BalancePoint product. If you’re at VMworld and want to talk to Akorri, stop by booth 1331.

  • Similarly, Avere Systems has also been awarded VMware Ready status for its FXT 2700 appliance. Avere is also at VMworld in San Francisco, but I don’t have their booth number available to me.

  • Start-up company DeskStream has launched a product called Dynamic Virtual Desktop (yes, the acronym is DVD). It’s a “Desktop as a Service” product, according to their information. No word on whether DeskStream is at the VMworld conference. Follow this link for the full launch announcement.

  • Yet another company, CompuWare, has gotten VMware Ready status for CompuWare Vantage. As with DeskStream, I don’t have any indication as to whether CompuWare is at the VMworld conference.

  • I continue to be impressed by security startup HyTrust. Their latest announcement, HyTrust Cloud Control, brings strong authentication, role-based access control, and integration between HyTrust Appliance and VMware vCloud Director.

  • BLADE has announced VMready 3.0 with Virtual Vision, which allows physical networks to “see” virtual machines as they migrate (or are migrated) around the data center. At first glance, it kind of sounds like Arista’s VM Tracer, but I have a meeting with BLADE later this week and intend to find out more about the product. I’ll post more after that meeting.

  • EMC’s RSA division is also announcing the RSA Solution for Cloud Security and Compliance. This solution integrates technologies from Archer into a solution that is intended to help customers have greater confidence that their environments are properly secured and audited according to standards and policies. The full press release is also available here.

I think that’s about it for now. More VMworld 2010 coverage to come, so stay tuned!

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