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Some Pre-VMworld Product Announcements

There were several new product announcements that hit the wire today. I don’t have time to go in-depth on any of these, but I did want to point them out very briefly. If time permits, I’ll try to provide a bit more detail in the near future.

  • VKernel today announced their new Capacity Management Suite 2.0, which is a bundling of existing VKernel products along with new integration points between the products. CMS rolls together VKernel’s capacity analysis, inventory, VM optimization, and chargeback tools into a single product, and more tightly integrates them. I had the opportunity (thank you VKernel!) to get a preview of CMS 2.0 last week, and it’s pretty nice. There are lots of little touches here and there to help make easier to find the specific information you need to see. For more information, see VKernel’s web site.

  • Arista Networks today announced Arista VM Tracer (read the full press release). Doug Gourlay of Arista has been showing me previews of some of the functionality of VM Tracer. It’s a different approach than Cisco has taken to providing a greater level of integration between virtualization and networking. No less valid, but certainly different. VM Tracer provides visibility into the virtualization environment from the physical network, making it easier to see which VMs are on which ESX/ESXi host, where these hosts are connected, what the current status of the VM is (i.e., is it in the middle of a vMotion event, or is it protected by Fault Tolerance). It will be interesting to see how Arista moves forward from here.

  • EMC also announced Unified Storage today (read the full press release). Many of the technologies that are included in this announcement were discussed at EMC World earlier this year, including Sub-LUN FAST, FAST Cache, Block Data Compression, full support for VMware’s vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI), and Unisphere, the single management interface for the Unified Storage line. However, also in this announcement today were a few new items: native FCoE support for the Unified storage systems; new, less expensive 100GB and 200GB Enterprise Flash Drives (EFDs); and new models of Celerra gateways, the VG2 and VG8, which boast significantly improved performance over earlier models. All in all, there’s quite a bit of stuff in today’s announcement.

  • FalconStor announced Network Storage Server (NSS) SAN Accelerator for VMware View this morning. This one just popped in my inbox this morning, so I haven’t even had time to dive into and understand what exactly they’re announcing. It appears to be a solution intended to leverage high-performance flash with low-cost SATA drives and geared specifically for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. The product page for this product doesn’t offer too much more information.

That’s all I have for now. If anyone has additional information they’d like to share about these announcements, please speak up in the comments. As always, if you are a vendor, you must provide full disclosure. This is not to discount your comments—everyone’s comments are valuable—but simply to provide the readers with some context of why you’re saying what you’re saying. Thanks!

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