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The Everything VMware at EMC Community

I think that Chad might have posted something about this new community, but I wanted to also mention it myself. The “Everything VMware at EMC” Community, part of the EMC Community Network (ECN), is a new online community that EMC has recently established. There’s a growing amount of content out there; here are a few notable items:

  • Copies of some of the recorded demos that the vSpecialist team has created, like a recorded demo of the NFS plugin for vCenter Server

  • A calendar of VMware-EMC events, including the weekly webcast

  • Useful technical documents, like this Vblock Reference architecture document

Of course, any community is only as useful as the members of that community. If you haven’t yet signed up to join the Everything VMware at EMC community, please do so! Let us know what sort of content you’d like to see so that we can make this community even more useful to you.

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