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Some EMC Data Domain Announcements Today

EMC Data Domain made a couple of significant product announcements today. First, EMC announced the EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array (GDA). Second, EMC also announced a doubling of the logical capacity for the high-end Data Domain DD880.

The full press release for the GDA announcement is available here. The “speeds and feeds” of the new multi-controller architecture of the GDA include throughput of up to 12.8 TB/hour, up to 270 concurrent backup operations, and up to 14.2 PB (yes, petabytes) of logical storage capacity. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.

As for the doubling of capacity on the DD880, the full press release has all the details. In addition to greater capacity on the DD880 (up to 7.1 PB of logical storage capacity), the announcement also unveiled Data Domain encryption. This represents the industry’s first encryption of data at rest on deduplicated storage. Encryption occurs inline using administrator-selected 128-bit or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Storage (AES) algorithms.

Take a look at the full press releases for both these announcements for more information.

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