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VMware vExpert 2010: Thank You!

While I was waiting in the airport last night to catch a flight back from Nashua, NH, where I’d been working with VPLEX at the EMC lab facility there, I received confirmation that I had been awarded a VMware vExpert 2010 award. I am humbled and honored by the award. Wow—thank you!

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It is a tremendous honor to be included among those that VMware feels have (quoting from the vExpert landing page) “significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year” and who “have gone above and beyond their day jobs to share their technical expertise”. I’m not so sure I’ve met those criteria, but I’m glad that VMware feels I have!

Looking at this year’s group of vExperts, I am truly honored to be included in their midst. There are some very gifted, very talented people who have been given a vExpert award this year. My heartfelt congratulations go to everyone who was bestowed a VMware vExpert award this year, and my sincere thanks and gratitude go to VMware and the VMware community for esteeming me so highly. I will do my best to continue to earn that respect and esteem in the coming year.

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