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Some Vblock Posts

The Vblock is starting to get a bit more attention, which is a good thing. Part of it is driven by an increased awareness of the Vblock as a solution; I’d like to think of that as something Ed Saipetch and I had a little to do with after our Gestalt IT Tech Field Day presentation in Boston, but I’m not so naive as to actually believe that. However, I am confident that part of the increased visibility and discussion around Vblock is due to the continued investment and continued persistence by all three members of the VCE Coalition. Regardless of the reason, I’ve collected a few Vblock posts here for your continued enjoyment:

The Case for the Vblock Jason Nashs Blog

Vblocks - StorageNerve

VCE VBlock Perspective for the Technical Decision Maker

VCE Vblock Alignment of Technology and Operations

UCS, VCE, Acadia, Vblocks and the Journey to the Cloud

What makes up a VCE Vblock 0? Overview Video with Scott Lowe & Mike Foley

Cisco, VMware, EMC Detail Ambitious Vblock Expansion

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