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EMC World 2010 Coverage

I’m leaving in just a few hours to head to Boston for the 10th annual EMC user conference, EMC World 2010. I’m really excited about attending, for a number of reasons. First, this will be my first EMC World; I’ve never had the opportunity to attend EMC World in the past. Second, this is my first major conference as an EMC employee (if you don’t count VMware Partner Exchange). Third, I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of the new vSpecialists that have recently joined the team. Fourth, and finally, I’m really jazzed about the new product announcements that are going to take place during the conference this week.

Having said all of that, I’m going to try to provide as much coverage of EMC World 2010 as I can. The problem is, I don’t know how much coverage that will be. I am expected to work the EMC booth a couple of times during the conference, and we are having a vSpecialist team meeting this week as well, so the coverage might be a bit spotty. Still, I’ll do the best I can, and I’ll tag all the posts with the EMCWorld2010 tag for easy reference.

Thanks for reading. If you’re in Boston at the conference, be sure to look me up and introduce yourself!

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