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A Potential Use for the iPad

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Apple iPad. Some people are proclaiming it’s the end of traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and books. I’m not so sure about that, but I have found one potential use for the iPad that—for me, at least—might be compelling enough to make me go buy one later this year.

One task that I’m finding as a member of EMC’s vSpecialist team is that there is a lot of reading. We’re responsible for reading all sorts of documents. I don’t mind doing this in the evenings, when I’m not writing for one of my upcoming books or studying for a certification exam, but I’d really much rather prefer to do this in a way that makes it possible for me to be with my family. So, having some sort of device that would allow me to review documents while I’m sitting in the den with the kids would be great.

My thought is that I could leverage something like Dropbox to synchronize documents between my MacBook Pro and an iPad. With the documents easily accessible on (or from) the iPad, I could sit on the couch and read or review documents while the kids sit next to me and watch TV or read a book. This would help me stay on top of the document reviewing without pulling me into my office and away from the family.

What do you think? Good idea, or not? Anyone else have any uses for the iPad that you’d like to describe? Speak up in the comments.

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