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Any iPhone App Recommendations?

Yesterday I bought my iPhone 3G. When the original iPhone was released, I didn’t buy one because it lacked 3G network connectivity, and the Samsung BlackJack 2 I was using was already 3G capable. In addition, the BlackJack supported ActiveSync for connectivity to my corporate Exchange infrastructure, and the iPhone didn’t. After the iPhone 3G was released, my two primary complaints had now been removed, and I said that I would get one—but not right away. I wanted some time to let early adopters get the phone, figure out the limitations, and find workarounds for those limitations (where possible).

Now that the iPhone 3G has been available for a couple months, and since my birthday is coming up, my family decided that an iPhone 3G would be my (early) birthday present. While others had waited in lines for hours when the iPhone 3G was first released, I walked into my local AT&T store, picked up a 16GB black iPhone 3G, activated it with my existing number (I’m a current AT&T customer), and walked out—all in less than 20 minutes. The longest part of the process was selecting a new belt clip/case for the iPhone. There are definitely some benefits to waiting a while before buying!

So far, I’m pleased with the iPhone 3G. My only concern is battery life, but feedback from other iPhone 3G users in my office have recommended turning off Bluetooth and location-based services until they are needed. Some have even recommended turning off 3G, but I’ll leave that on for right now and see how it works.

I’ve also been browsing the App Store, looking for some useful iPhone applications. I’ll almost certainly buy OmniFocus for iPhone. Of course, then I’ll need to figure out how to get OmniFocus for iPhone synchronizing with OmniFocus for Mac, which I already use. Any other iPhone users have recommendations for useful iPhone applications? Suggestions for useful free applications would be particularly appreciated. Also, any other tips or pointers of which I should be aware? Thanks!

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