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Learning About EMC Storage

Despite repeated incidences of being called a “storage expert,” I remain firmly convinced that I am far from being a storage expert. Case in point: I really don’t know that much about EMC storage, how to configure it, the caveats/gotchas/pitfalls when you’re setting it up, etc. Fortunately, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with an EMC Celerra. Due to the Celerra’s architecture, this also means that I get some hands-on time with the EMC CLARiiON CX4 that sits behind the Celerra.

So far, my hands-on time has been fairly limited, but I expect that will all be changing very soon. I can tell you that I’m no fan of the web-based Celerra management interface. The web-based Navisphere 6 interface for the CX4 is better, but I haven’t tried it on a non-Windows system yet. I suspect I won’t be quite so happy when I try it on some other system. (Will it even run on a non-Windows platform?) I guess I’ll be learning the command-line interface (CLI)…

So, here’s a request to my readers: what resources have you found useful in learning how to work with EMC storage products? I’d welcome any and all feedback on useful white papers, blogs, free training, etc. Thanks in advance!

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