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Cleaning Out Some VMworld Info

VMworld is always a very busy time of year. Press releases, product announcements, new product or technology releases, companies emerging from stealth mode—it all happens around VMworld. Now that I’m back home again from VMworld, I thought I’d clear out my Inbox from all the various VMworld-related news items. Perhaps you’ll find something interesting or useful here!

VMware and HP Unveil Solution to Simplify Datacenter Management

World’s Leading Service Providers Build New Cloud Services on the VMware Platform

Altor VF 3.0 Meets VMware’s VMsafe Certification Requirements (no hyperlink available)

VMware Submits VMware vCloud API Specification to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) – First Ever Submission of Key Cloud Interface

VMware Leads in Virtual Desktops With VMware View(TM) – Simplifying Desktop Management, Lowering Costs and Enriching User Experience

Cisco and VMware Validated Architecture for Long Distance VMotion

VMworld 2009 Hello Freedom videos (this one is funny)

VMworld 2009 Virtual Infrastructure Design - Lab Manager vPODS Enable Conference Cloud

VMworld 2009: VMware, Cisco, and EMC Super-Session (SS5240)

VMworld 2009: Best Practices for Multipathing in VI3.5 and vSphere (TA2467)

VMworld: Is it a scalability issue to run drivers in the Hyper-V parent partition? (Answer: No)

That’s it this time around. I promise that some original content is coming soon…

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