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VMworld 2009 Spouse Activities FAQs and Updates

Wow! The response to the spouse activities that my wife, Crystal (@crystal_lowe on Twitter) is organizing has been phenomenal. Almost overwhelming, in fact. (You have to keep in mind that she’s not getting paid to do this—it’s all volunteer work.)

With now only a week or so before the conference starts, here’s the latest update on spouse activities. Be sure to refer to this post for more details on the schedule of activities.

First, let’s tackle this year’s most frequently asked question: Can my spouse attend conference-related events with me? The answer: Yes, as long as the attendee has purchased a companion ticket. This ticket is $275 and will get your spouse in to Monday night’s events and Wednesday night’s party. This ticket can be purchased during online registration (or you can log back in if you already registered) or at the registration desk at VMworld. This is not something with which Crystal or I can help you. You need to talk to the VMworld registration team.

OK, with that out of the way, here are a few other updates:

  • Mel’s Diner: They do not have enough room to hold 100 people (Crystal originally planned on 35-40 participants) since they also need to be prepared for their other patrons. In addition, we’re not sure we can get the folks going to Korbel on Tuesday out the door in time for their arrival time at Korbel. If you are arriving on Sunday or Monday and participating in the Tuesday Korbel trip, please let Crystal know if you’d be interested in meeting before Tuesday so you can leave earlier for Korbel. We’re not sure what form this meeting before Tuesday would be; perhaps an informal gathering in our hotel lobby (we’re staying at the San Francisco Marriott) or perhaps another meeting at Mel’s. Either way, be sure to contact Crystal if you can meet before Tuesday.

  • To Go Lunches for Tuesday: Mel’s has graciously offered to provide “to go lunches” for the sightseeing on Tuesday. These will be from $6 to $10. If you are interested in buying one of these lunches, let Crystal know no later than Monday, August 24. If you don’t respond by 8/24, she can’t guarantee your inclusion in the order.

  • Korbel trip: This is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (some spouses will be going to Korbel, some will be going sightseeing). However, as mentioned earlier, Crystal is concerned about getting done at Mel’s Diner in time for the Korbel group to make it on time. Also, drivers are needed! Please notify Crystal ASAP if you are willing to drive.

  • Alcatraz and Napa tickets: Remember, you need to purchase these on your own! Please purchase your tickets right away if you haven’t already. Otherwise, you could miss out on participating because the tours will be sold out. Also, please let Crystal know whether you’ve booked the Day Tour (Alcatraz) or Combination Tour (Alcatraz and Angel Island).

Crystal has been keeping in touch with most everyone via e-mail with this information as well, but I wanted to be sure to post something here to help spread the word. She is very excited (but also very nervous) about the enormous response. Anyone who is interested and willing to help out, please contact Crystal right away. I know she’d appreciate it.

That’s it for now. See you in San Francisco!

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