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VMworld 2009 Ask the Experts Session: Call For Questions!

VMworld 2009 is rapidly approaching, and along with it are coming the deadlines for us to submit our final presentation for TA2259, Ask The Experts on virtualization design. As you probably already know, this is a joint session with Rick Scherer, Chad Sakac, Duncan Epping, Tom Howarth, and me. TA2259 is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, at 1PM in the afternoon. Now that Schedule Builder is live, you can go register for the session. You are planning on attending the session, aren’t you?

But before you register for the session, take a moment and submit a question to be considered for inclusion in the session. We will be addressing both questions from the audience as well as a handful of questions submitted via our websites. Now’s your chance to get your question in front of this panel!

Update as of 8/14/2009: Sorry, the call for questions for TA2259 has closed. However, if you are attending VMworld 2009, please feel free to join us in person. The session is running at 1PM and again at 4:30PM on Thursday, September 3.

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