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I’ve blogged for a couple of times, and their blog, Virtualization Pro, is hosted on IT Knowledge Exchange. It wasn’t until just recently that I noticed what IT Knowledge Exchange (ITKE) was really all about.

In addition to hosting a number of blogs—both editorial, which is where you’ll find Virtualization Pro, as well as by ITKE members—ITKE also hosts IT Answers. Got a technical question? Here’s the place to ask it. All sorts of people with all sorts of expertise are asking questions and answering questions here, which makes this a pretty good resource. If you’re familiar with the VMware Community Forums, this is similar (but not constrained to a single vendor’s products). If you’re pressed for time, like I am, then ITKE’s e-mail subscriptions and RSS feeds could be a big timesaver.

So, if you haven’t checked out ITKE, it might be worth your time to go have a look.

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