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Alas, BladeVault is No More

It doesn’t take long these days: yesterday the and domains, owned by friend and colleague Aaron Delp, expired. Today they were picked up by an unknown registrant and are serving up ads.

Fortunately, Aaron’s moved most of his content over to his new blog, and is also contributing great blade-related material here, such as these two recent articles:

Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part One, HP Power Sizing
Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part Two, IBM Power Sizing

Aaron’s already told me that there’s more in store for this series of articles, and I’m looking forward to his continued analysis of the benefits of blades and virtualization together.

So, if you visit and can’t find what you’re looking for, have a trip over to Aaron’s new blog home and look there. Farewell, BladeVault…

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