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VKernel, whose SearchMyVM search-based management product I wrote about back at the beginning of September, is launching a community site called CompareMyVM. The site is expected to formally launch in early December.

The idea behind the site, according to VKernel, is to provide a means whereby users can share information on how they are allocating resources to VMs. The idea is that as users share how they are configuring certain VMs for certain workloads, that information may be very useful to other users who are looking for that sort of information. Not sure how much memory to allocate to a small Linux-based web server? CompareMyVM wants to be able to provide that information.

Clearly, the site will only be effective if lots of users contribute information and share their VM configurations. I’ve been out of town all week so haven’t had the opportunity to take a look at the site, but I do plan to do so very shortly. In the meantime, I’d encourage readers to have a look and feel free to report back here in the comments.

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