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I received an e-mail today from VKernel announcing their new SearchMyVM product, which is now in beta.

According to VKernel, SearchMyVM helps address the issue of “it is becomingly increasingly more difficult to find even the most basic information within VMware infrastructures.” Using the same virtual appliance distribution format as VKernel’s other products, SearchMyVM provides a way to allow users to search for and find information on virtual machines, hosts, clusters, torage, resource pools, files, snapshots, and more. Supposedly the product indexes over 75 different attributes and provides a “Google-like” search interface.

Interestingly enough, I have a meeting at VMworld 2008 with Hyper9, who also touts having a search-based virtualization management solution. At first glance, it looks like these products have a great deal of overlap, and it will be interesting to see how this particular market segment shakes out.

David Marshall also reported on SearchMyVM as well. I guess I should have written this up sooner after getting the e-mail in my inbox!

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