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Hyper9 Beta Invitations

Regular readers may recall that I met with Hyper9 during VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas. Check here for a summary of my discussion with Hyper9. Since that meeting, during which I had a chance to see the beta product, I’ve been in communication with David Marshall (of, who also works at Hyper9) and the rest of the Hyper9 crew about getting some private beta invitations for my readers.

Today I am happy to announce that I do have some beta invitations available to readers! If you’re interested in a beta invitation to try out Hyper9, please post a comment on this article. Be sure to provide a valid e-mail address when posting the comment, as this is how we will contact you about your beta invitation request (don’t worry, your e-mail address is never published or made available to others). Do not e-mail me to ask for a beta invitation; I will only work with comments left on the article. Comments will be closed once all the beta invitations have been awarded.

Please keep in mind that Hyper9 does have some prerequisites that are required, so not everyone who requests an invitation may get one. Also keep in mind that all comments on this site are moderated, so you may not see your comment appear right away. Just be patient.

Rich over at VM /ETC has some screenshots and good coverage of the product, and I believe that he will have a few beta invitations as well. Good luck!

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