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Virtualization Short Take - VMworld 2008 Edition

This edition of Virtualization Short Takes is mainly a collection of items from the VMworld 2008 conference in Las Vegas. Some of these are session transcripts from various bloggers; some are just VMworld-related blog posts.

  • Blogger Rich Brambley has some great coverage of various VMworld sessions: BC3819, BC2370, PO2575, and VD3261, among others. Excellent work, Rich.

  • The whole vStorage thing has prompted quite a flurry of attention. I’ll probably tackle this myself soon, but for now I’ll just comment on what others are saying. Stephen Foskett comments that “VDC-OS has legs!”, meaning that this vision has some substance behind it; I agree. He also has a nice collection of related vStorage links. There’s also Chad’s discussion of vStorage, which is quite helpful coming as it does from the perspective of a storage vendor seeking to take advantage of these new capabilities. Mark Twomey also had a little bit to say about vStorage as well.

  • Michael Keen’s VMworld 2008 analysis provides a good review of VMware’s announcements and strategy in relation to the competition and the partner and the partner ecosystem.

  • UK magazine Computing was disappointed by Paul Maritz’s vision and the VDC-OS announcement, expecting “more granular details on how the initiative would actually take off.” Personally, I felt that Steve Herrod’s keynote on Day 2 did a fairly reasonable job of showing the mechanics behind Paul’s vision.

  • Redmond Developer News provided another view of VMware’s VDC-OS announcement, although to be honest the article looked pretty much like every other discussion of VDC-OS, with the same interviews of the same people.

  • Kevin Fogarty’s take on the VDC-OS pitch, published on originally, then republished by Computerworld and touched upon briefly by Tarry Singh, is that it’s “too much of a leap of faith for me and, I suspect, most of the VMware faithful as well.” I get that VMware’s new strategy is radically different from anything VMware has done before; up until now, their releases have been product-focused. Now Maritz is driving the company with a long-term vision that will be fulfilled through a series of product releases. It’s a shift in thinking, and one that will require an adjustment. Personally, I don’t like the new VDC-OS branding and I told VMware straight up that it would be confusing to customers. Nevertheless, the vision behind the brand is, in my opinion, solid and so I must disagree with Kevin’s analysis.

  • Massimo thinks Paul plagiarized the VDC-OS concept. If he were serious (which he’s not), he actually has a pretty good case.

  • Eric Sloof has a bit of additional Cisco Nexus 1000V coverage.

I think that about wraps up my collection of VMworld 2008-related links. If I’ve missed anything significant—and I’m sure I have—please feel free to add it in the comments.

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